About Us

We are the end to your bad hair extension experiences.

Started by women frustrated with the lack of variety, quality and personal customer care in the existing market, our company has at its heart a desire to make our customers happy, and to build their confidence. This means sourcing the best possible products, with a hands-on, personal approach to our relationships with suppliers, and the fostering of close and enduring relations with our clients. We specialize in providing raw, unprocessed hair that caters to and complements the thickness, luster and texture of each individual client’s hair. We know your hair is truly an “extension” of yourself and we respect your head as much as you do.


We don't sell hair just to sell hair. We know about the importance and politics of hair. And because of that, we want the best for you and we guarantee a unique, supportive and enjoyable shopping experience as we help you find the perfect tools and products to help you feel good about and care for yourself from the outside in.


From silk to lace closures, even mink eyelashes and hair care products – we have what you’re looking for at prices that fit your budget. Let us help you take control of your hair and beauty, boost your confidence and help you to be the best you can be.


Why Use CODA Hair Extensions?


Personal, Supportive Buyer Experience

We believe strongly in building and maintaining relationships. With CODA Hair you will be taken care of and get to know the women behind the brand, and they will be there to support you every step of the way.

Exclusivity for All

We at CODA Hair do not believe in selective ‘VIPs’: each of our customers is a VIP, and deserves to feel confident and beautiful! Contact us, and our experts will help you select the perfect product from our gorgeous selection of premium hair extensions.

We Never Use Hair Given in a Temple

We don't believe in making a profit from women and children that freely sacrifice their hair for religious reasons.

Organic Materials

Our products are unprocessed and all-natural: they are chemical-free and gentle on  your scalp and face.

Quality, not Location

We source our products based on their quality, and do not seek suppliers from countries simply for the sake of it. We search for the premium stock so that you don’t have to!

Natural Appearance

We want you to feel comfortable with your new hair- it's an extension of your beauty and we know how important it is to look as natural as possible.


Our products are low maintenance and high quality. Purchase any of our most popular items, and the only worry you'll have is deciding which look brings out your beauty best!  

Milan Collection | A Client Fave
Zanzibar Body Wave Hair Extensions
BabyDoll | Low Volume Mink Lashes

You can also browse our store, or download our full guide to raw hair extensions.


Find out what makes our brand a better experience. You have nothing to lose, and only the most confident, beautiful you to gain!







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